American Pastime

March 1976 ABC

March 1976 ABC

Side 1
Everybody’s A Masterpiece (G. Clinton/R. Reicheg) 2:45
Easy Evil (A. O’Day) 3:58
Billy The Kid (B & M Lawrie) 3:41
Mellow Down (A. Fairweather Lowe) 3:00
Yellow Beach Umbrella (C. Doerge/J. Henske) 4:56

Side 2

Hang On (J. Gruska/J. Spirit) 4:18
Southbound (H. Axton/M. Dawson) 4:11
Drive On, Ride On (D. Gray/T. Seals) 3:32
Dance The Night Away (D. Holster/B. Carpenter) 4:41

Produced by Bob Monaco

Tianna Robertson