Joy to the World: Their Greatest Hits

November 1974 Dunhill ABC

November 1974 Dunhill ABC

Side 1
Joy To The World (H. Axton) 3:50
One (Nilsson) 3:04 Sure As I’m Sittin Here (J. Hiatt) 3:06
An Old Fashioned Love Song (P. Williams) 3:21
Let Me Serenade You (J. Finley) 3:04
Shambala (D. Moore) 3:22
Black And White (D. Arkin/E. Robinson) 3:47

Side 2
Never Been To Spain (H. Axton) 3:43
One Man Band (T. Kaye/J. Tyme/B. Fox) 2:49
Play Something Sweet (Brickyard Blues) (A. Toussaint) 3:34
I’d Be So Happy (S. Prokop) 3:44 Liar (R. Ballard) 3:04
Family Of Man (P. Williams/J. Conrad) 3:10
The Show Must Go On (L. Sayer/D. Courtney) 3:37

Produced by: Richard Podolor/Gabriel Mekler/Jimmy Ienner

Tianna Robertson