November 1970 ABC Dunhill

November 1970 ABC Dunhill

Side 1
I Can Hear You Calling (P. Glan/R. Kenner/ H. Sullivan/D. Troiano) 2:56
One Man Band (T. Kaye/J. Tyme/B. Fox) 2:49
I’ll Be Creeping (A. Frazer/P. Rodgers) 3:35
Fire Eater (M. Alsup/J. Greenspoon/J. Scherme/F. Sneed) 4:11
Cant Get Enough Of It (Miller/Winwood) 2:55

Side 2
Sunlight (J.C. Young) 3:56
Heavy Church (A. O’Day) 3:15
Liar (R. Ballard) 4:36
I’ve Got Enough Heartache (Kellie/Wright) 4:05
Joy To The World (H. Axton) 3:50

Production by: Richard Podolor

Tianna Robertson